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  • Brandon Arnold

Metaphysical Jewelry Made From Real Honeycomb Slides!

These pieces of jewelry made by Third Eye Jewelry are made from real honeycomb slides from the artists hive! The Process is called Electroforming and is a metal plating process that uses chemistry and electricity to adhere metal to nearly any type of material. This is genetically sealing the comb in a case of copper. WHOAH! These pieces are then turned into jewelry that you can wear.

Staying Connected with Nature

Keep in connection with nature with these honeycomb pendants in a world more and more distanced from the natural world. Adding crystals to the pieces brings out metaphysical properties which may help people deal with every day issues like stress. Now that's something we can all use!

Find the Right Metaphysical Jewelry for You!

Check out our site to and read the different metaphysical properties of the pieces in their descriptions to find one that will help positively influence your life. All the Materials used in the pieces are all natural and up-cycled so no negative impacts on the environment, your actually directly helping fund future bee hives and equipment! See what's available now at Your Metaphysical Jewelry Center:

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