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  • Brandon Arnold

Metaphysical Jewelry With A Funky Look!

Brandon Arnold a St.Louis based Artist has found a fun way to increase your energy and harness metaphysical properties of crystals through his funky jewelry line! Take a dive deep into the realms of Third Eye Jewelry where fantasy meets real life. His pieces incorporate crystals and metals which he says help charge and heal people. "The metals increase the frequency of the crystals which in turn increases the wearers' energy and everything around them."-Brandon Arnold.

He makes everything from rings, bracelets, pendants, sunglasses and even magical wands

and energy based weaponry and tools! Bringing the knowledge or the idea of the ability of crystals to help aid in life and promote a positive influence on the ones around them is a huge part of the direction of Third Eye Jewelry. Brandon travels across the country and sets up his work for sale at music festivals, art fairs and music/art events during most of the year. This is a great way for him to spread his knowledge, ideas and work to people all over the country.

Check out the previous works and pieces available at the site.

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